Simple Weeknight (or Weekend) Steak

August 20, 2018
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This is the simplest recipe for steak and BONUS it’s so good too!  We don’t eat a ton of steak around here but when we do I still like to keep it “clean”.  That’s what I love about this recipe, it’s easy, tastes good AND is good for you.  

When it comes to steak, it’s all about the quality and the cut.  I pick grass-fed/grass-finished for health reasons.  If I’m indulging, I’ll pick grass-fed/grain-finished.  As for the cut, I usually pick one of the following cuts:

  • Sirloin — This is an all-around good steak. Not too fatty, not too lean & it has a lot of flavor. This is the one I would pick for a weeknight meal.

  • New York Strip — This steak is a little fattier than a Sirloin with the fatty strip (hence the name) on the side. You can cut off the strip (after you cook it) so you don’t have to eat the fat. This one is going to have a bit more flavor/fat. I might save this for the weekend.

  • Rib-eye — This is the most flavorful and fattiest steak of them all. This one I might save for guests and a splurge night. It has a fatty marbling throughout which gives the steak it’s rich and luxurious flavor.

You might be surprised that I don’t have Filet Mignon on here even though it’s the leanest of the steaks.  I don’t for a few reasons…

  1. It’s one of the most expensive cuts.

  2. Because it’s so lean, you need to add fat to give it flavor therefore negating any benefits gained by picking the leaner option.

  3. It’s more work to make it taste good since you have to add flavor in.

So what are we waiting for??  Let’s get started!!

Yield: 4 servings

Steak of your choice  — 2 lbs

Rock Salt — Enough to cover the steak

Olive Oil (optional — for pan-frying)

  1. Pour rock salt to cover the bottom of a plate that will fit the steak

  2. Place the steaks on top & cover with rock salt

  3. Let the steaks sit out bringing them to room temperature. This should take 30 minutes to an hour.

  4. From here you can grill or pan fry the steak. If you are pan-frying them brush off all the salt. If you are grilling them you can place them on the grill with the salt. You will want to brush the salt off before eating.

  5. For pan-frying use a cast-iron skillet or other skillet that is NOT non-stick. Put about a tablespoon of oil in the pan and place the steak on top.

  6. I prefer a medium-rare steak. You’ll need to cook it three minutes on one side, until it forms a crust & then flip it for 3-4 minutes. If you want it closer to medium or medium well cook it a minute or two longer on each side.

  7. Remember to let your steak rest after you pull it out of the pan or off the grill. You don’t want all the juices & flavor running out.

  8. Enjoy!

 One of my favorite side dishes with Steak is potatoes. When you’re eating clean, go with Baked Sweet Potatoes.


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