My Story – How I Conquered PCOS Without Medication

December 6, 2018
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I was 23 years old, I felt fat, didn’t get my period EVER, & had horrible cystic acne all over my face.  I was in the gynecologist office, this time a male doctor who was actually horrible. Not someone with a great bedside manner.  He broke the news to me…. You have PCOS.

In one way it was a relief.  THIS is why I can never lose weight.  THIS is why I have HORRIBLE skin. THIS is why I don’t get my period.  THIS is why I can be so moody!

On the other, it made me nauseous.

What if this was the body I was always going to have?  Would anyone ever want to marry me? What if I couldn’t have kids?

I just wanted to be “normal”.  I wanted to be able to walk out of my house without having to pile tons of makeup on my face.  I wanted to be able to look at ice cream without gaining 5 lbs.

No matter how many diets I went on, or how many dermatologists I went to, I couldn’t lose the weight & I couldn’t clear up the cystic acne on my face.  Not to mention that fact that I had to be on birth control for the rest of my life to get my period.

One day, I was sitting in my living room & realized PCOS is a syndrome, not a disease.  I thought to myself, if it’s not a disease, that means that you can get rid of it! I was just medicating the symptoms.  I wasn’t looking at the root cause.

I am not PCOS, I am a person with the symptoms.  That’s when my research began. That was over 17 years ago.  It was a LONG ROAD. From there, I finally figured out that my nutrition was the key to making my entire body & life run smoothly.

I decided to really start taking a look at my nutrition.  I started taking more and more things out seeing what worked with me and what didn’t.  What I finally figured out was that processed foods were HORRIBLE for me as were sugar and a lot of other things in our American diet.  

I also realized that I had to eat often, in small portions.  

After many years, I finally figured out that I had to eat a “Clean” diet.

Last, I learned that I didn’t JUST need to eat clean I also needed to cleanse my body from all the “toxins” I had been taking in over the years from processed food, diet sodas, the environment & even my skincare.  (Toxins are anything that your body can’t use as fuel.) That way, I could help clean the slate & heal my body from the inside out.

The problem was, it was really hard to stick to a “Clean” diet because of my busy American lifestyle.

I remember the first one I went on, I literally shut down my social life for a month because I was given a list by my doctor & there was hardly anything on it..  I didn’t want to be tempted to go off the diet so I just shut myself in the house. It was horrible. But it worked.

The thing was, I COULDN’T live like this!!

On top of all that, making 5-6 mini-meals from scratch that tasted good was DAUNTING if not impossible with all the other things I had to accomplish in life.

I knew there HAD to be a better way.  So I keep looking & refining my diet until I figured it out.

I began this journey for ME.  So I could be healthy, so I could get pregnant, so I could walk out of the house with my head held high, happy to have someone look into my eyes & not just my horrible skin.

What I truly believe is you are given your trials for a reason.  I was given this burden to bear so that I can now help other women through their trials.  Your journey doesn’t have to be a 17 year one like mine. I can help you to live in a healthy body instead of feeling that this is your burden for life.

I am now a Certified Health Coach & individually coach people just like you to get healthy from the inside out.

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