Citrus & Basil Cod

July 1, 2019
Lemon Orange Cod with Basil, Gluten-Free Clean Eating
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When I made this recipe, I only made it for one pound of fish.  Turns out I should have made way more.  My kids loved it!  Which is surprising because fish is not something my kids normally love.

If I can give you any advice it’s make extra.

Also, the sauce is so good, you’ll probably want to make some brown rice on the side to sop it all up.

The dish is totally “clean”.  It is a bit higher in sugar because of the oranges but at least it’s totally natural & unprocessed.

1 pound Cod filets (you could probably up this to 1 1/2 pounds & still have enough sauce)

3 Oranges, juiced & zested (I added the pulp too)

1 Lemon, juiced & zested (again, add the pulp)

2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil

5-6 leaves Fresh Basil, chiffonade

Salt & Black Pepper to taste

  1. Preheat your oven to the warm setting
  2. Zest & Juice the lemon & oranges
  3. Heat a skillet to medium heat, season the fish with salt & pepper
  4. Add the coconut oil to the pan & once hot, add the fish.  Cook for about 4 minutes until golden & then flip to finish cooking.
  5. Remove the fish from the pan to an oven-proof dish & pop it in the the oven to keep warm while you make the sauce.
  6. In the same skillet add all the juices & zests & reduce the sauce by about half.  It’s the perfect viscosity when it just coats the back of a spoon.
  7. Once the sauce it ready, add the fish back to the pan, spoon the sauce over the fish & top with the fresh basil
  8. Enjoy!



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