Key Lime Pie Protein Balls

July 2, 2019
Key Lime Pie Protein Balls, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan

One of my favorite summer desserts is Key Lime Pie. Well you can’t have it everyday but you can have these babies instead!

The one thing I didn’t do that could have made these better was roll them in graham cracker crust.  But then, they wouldn’t be as healthy.  So you decide what you’d like to do about that.

1 Cup Vanilla Protein — Here’s a link to the one I LOVE

1 Cup Almond or Peanut Butter

2 Limes, zested & juiced

1/4 Cup Chia Seeds

  1. If you are using a “natural” nut butter that separates (which I would recommend for health reasons), I recommend mixing your nut butter so it’s back to a homogeneous mixture before measuring. i.e. no dry spots and no oily spots

  2. The easiest way to do this is to put all the ingredients in a food processor and mix until fully blended.

  3. Once mixed, I use a tablespoon cookie scoop (here’s one I love) to make the mixture into balls & pop them onto a parchment paper lined cookie sheet. If you don’t have a cookie scoop just use a spoon & roll them into balls.

  4. I think they taste the best when they are cold so I store them in the freezer. Pop the whole cookie sheet into the freezer and once frozen you can store them in a container.

  5. Enjoy!

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